About Us

One Day More is a support group made up of parents who received poor pre-natal prognoses for their babies. Some of our babies died shortly after birth, some before and some fortunately are still with us.

We are here to support parents who find themselves in a similar situation.

We are here to offer to support to any parent who has just received a difficult pre-natal prognosis for their baby. We found speaking to someone who had already gone through the experience was an enormous help and cannot be under-estimated. We also found that peri-natal hospice care made the time we spent with our babies precious.

Please contact us if you are in a similar situation.

Some of our babies were given pre-natal prognoses of terminal illness such as Edward’s Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, Anencephaly, among others. Some of us just knew something was wrong but had no labels to describe what our babies had. Through our different experiences and realities we all agree that peri-natal hospice care is the best way forward when you receive such shocking news. This particular type of care gave us many treasured memories.

We also fundraise for and promote the provision of peri-natal hospice care for all parents and babies in this situation. Peri-natal hospice care is  a pathway of care for parents and baby that comes into action as soon a poor pre-natal prognosis is given. It aims to make the best of the time available to parent and baby in a supportive and practical way.

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