One Day More

Cliona and Maura both gave birth to babies who only lived for a very
short time. Cliona’s son John Paul was born with anencephaly and lived
for just 17 minutes. His whole family got to spend these precious
moments with their little brother, son, grandson. Maura’s daughter,
Laura lived for 7 months with Edward’s Syndrome. Her family was lucky
enough to be able to have her at home for Christmas.

Liz was told that her son’s limbs were not growing and an abortion was
suggested by medical staff. Liz says she would have benefitted hugely
at the time from speaking to someone who had been through a similar
experience to offer words of comfort and support.
Helena was repeatedly given poor pre-natal diagnoses for her baby
Luke. The pregnancy was difficult and all predictions indicated that
Luke would be born with a serious illness and disability. After a
stressful and heartbreaking 9 months, Helena gave birth to a healthy
baby boy.

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